We want to emphasize the use of the conscious connections with our blockchain that reinvigorate you so that we can live together as one in the paradise that this planet has always meant to be. 
After you register you get your own number account and access to the program where you can acquire the right kind of program for you from, for the best ones you got to pay something, you can write keywords to the search these existing programs through the spaceage.guru logged in view or create yourself them as a Member.
As a general program, you get access to our spiritual guidance game that lets you raise your energy vibrations higher and make yourself more powerful and stronger in many ways as healing and making you immune for many things.
This game is played mentally even though we are building the user interface for the conscious mind. 
The registration takes about 1-2 minutes and to ignite the community's algorithm to aid you to achieve and get everything you want in life and to place it on your timeline you need to buy some PCT tokens! 


With this basic registration you are helping the algorithm to make your life as enjoyable fantasy as possible.

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